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 About Us

From Establishment to Present :

With 35 years of experience , our company , which has been established in 1986 providing spare parts for machinery industry has changed it’s field of service in 1996. Entering the hyper and supermarket sector with deposit lock systems , Aymaksan has become a leading company in Turkey for the revision of shopping trolley including the handles. In addition expanding the portfolio , it has proven it’s success in Professional warehouse trolley/load carriage , supermarket rolls , palet containers , various stands , stainless shelves and many other alternative productions.besides it’s concept of service and prices , our company provides after sale services , due to it’s understanding of professionalism . We have achieved to include the best known international and national hypermarket / supermarket leaders to our customer portfolio , thanks to our experienced staff , and production , sales/marketing , technical/spare parts support.

Aymaksan , In Principle :

After the production and delivery of goods our company takes the sensitivity of international companies /firms as an example in after sales services and gives supports in every detail with it’s personel administrative staff.

Our Goals :

We are proud to have provided Professional results. Within this framework , our goal is while refusing temporary solutions , with all the innovations we have created and all the quality that we believe in and with which we have gained trust with a staff who believe that protecting the real values is the predominant truth to research more and work more in order to keep customer satisfaction which continuously evolve as a result of globalization at the highest level.

Environmental Policy :

We, as AYMAKSAN, manager, staff and premises just going to do together with the supplier of efficient and successful efforts are committed to do our part to preserve the environment. Only in this way, future generations a healthy, livable aware of nature can contribute to efforts to work and drop them. All of the business premises just for this purpose, the intent and principles of managing the environmental aspects of products and services, applied to the extent possible:

• Environmental management-related legislation, regulations, adopt and implement regulations and principles;

• Do not damage, and will save the use of appropriate technology and methods to investigate the source, to follow and implement.

• continuous improvement approach to work for the protection of the environment.

• workplace (and society) to increase environmental awareness through education and participation.

• Environment-related activities in accordance with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System to edit and improve.

• International and national market to be an essential understanding of the quality and the environment, to support the accreditation documents.


Aymaksan | Market Ekipmanları Üretim Satış | www.aymaksan.net
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